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We are a 40 year old family owned and operated company specializing in creating ambient scenting solutions for homes and businessess in Southwest  Missouri. Our organic fragrances are superior to those you find in retail stores as well as other odor eliminating products offered by competitors. Our fragranges are designed to not mask odor but eliminate odors while giving your home or business the feel you desire through the art of aromatherapy. 

The use of our products also eliminates the dangers caused by burning scented candles or the use of plug ins.  The Modern Scent Company, a division of Caymee Services of Southwest Missouri, has aromatic fragrances in clinics, churches, day care centers, schools, club houses, camp grounds, clothing stores, retail spaces, business & homes.  Each 4oz can contains natural extracts and essential oils that release evenly over time lasting up to 30 days in normal temperature setting.  Scents can be dispersed in light, medium, or strong based on your requirements and preference.  We offer a variety of fragrances to choose from. (subject to availability)

We offer battery operated air freshener diffusers for home or commercial use.  Electric diffusers are available upon request or need.  They can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface free from tampering.  The diffuser has a quiet fan speed for continuous and effective scenting/deodorizing around the clock.  Each diffuser spans an open space of approx. 500 square feet with normal ceiling height to insure your business or home always has an inviting scent. We also offer air fresheners for your vehicle! Each one can last up to 90 days, keeping your car smelling great!  


With much the same effect as color or music, our scents allow everyone to experience your business i

With much the same effect as color or music, our scents allow everyone to experience your business in a way they will not soon forget.



Make your house feel like home with scents that invite you to simply sit back and...breathe. 

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