Art of Aroma

   From the beginning of time, spices, herbs, and flowers have been used to heal, treat and cure.  But as we have progressed and science has taken hold of ancient remedies; we have lost a piece of the past.  

From the root Latin, "Aroma" means sweet odor; and as the Ancients had concluded, scent plays a tremendous role in our lives. They can remind us of places and people. Scents can let us relive a moment of our past and set our mood in the present.  

   We can look throughout history and all over the world and see how critical our sense of smell is in all equations of life.  In the early church, they distinguished themselves over Mediterranean religions with aromatic spices. In Egypt, only the wealthy bathed in scented oils. Charles Dickens and other prominent authors of the 1860s set themselves apart in both class and social distinctions by an elaboration of the scents of geraniums, gin, and soap. Even early medical literature perpetuated that inhaling certain odors could greatly benefit individuals in a variety of ways.  

   The world has changed since those days. Along with that change came the evolution of scents. The Modern Scent Company has revamped the mortar and pestle and allowed these new benefits to be more accessible and easier to use. From your home to your business and anything in between, allow the Art of Aroma to capture you as it has for thousands of years.  

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