Scent Marketing



Every day, people are bombarded with ads that they either see or hear. Eventually, those advertisements simply become a drone in the background. Scent Marketing allows the customer to make an emotional connection between your business and the scent. Not only does this create an ad subconsciously, but it invites the customer to spend more time in that place of business or store.  Plus, creating more brand loyalty and provoking positive memories. 


Why it works

Our olfactory senses are linked so closely with our memory that one single bad or good experience can shape our perception of things. Also,  scents are tremendous at triggering emotions. It can allow a person to feel happy or sad, help stimulate or to relax. With the added benefit of controlling unwanted odor, it's no wonder business owners everywhere are turning towards scent marketing. 



The Modern Scent Company offers a variety of ways to help your business thrive with scent marketing. From the traditional, on the wall design, to a more sophisticated HVAC unit, we have you covered. Allow our discoveries to be your benefits. Contact us today an let us help pick out the perfect unit for your business needs. Welcome to The Modern Scent Company!

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